Piaf! La Vie En Love

The tremendous success of Piaf! LA Vie En Love sais it all.This world class act Superbly delivered by two one of a kind artists, Pascale Guertin, and Juanjo Hermida, inspired by the late great Edith Piaf. This show can be performed either accompanied by a 7 pieces orchestra, or as a duet cabaret style, or even with backing tracks if the orchestra is not available. Offering a journey deep into the heart of Édith Piaf, performing her most famous songs, this is an emotional odyssey taking a fresh look at this much-loved artist. A journey about love, loss and life. Not only will you be enraptured by the undeniable charm of this magnificent performance, but your guests will also be transported to a universe full of elegance and refinement that will make them relive some memorable moments from a bygone era that is still very much alive today.

 About Edith Piaf

From the Pigalle to New York

The date was November 16, 1952. Ed Sullivan welcomed the great French chanteuse, Édith Piaf, on his show for the very first time. And after she sang “La Vie en Rose”, American audiences fell in love with her. Standing only 1.47 meters tall, she managed to seduce Americans despite her short stature. The day after her performance on the Ed Sullivan Show, people ran to record stores to buy her album. Piaf then set off to conquer the United States with her songs, marked by her performance at New York’s legendary Carnegie Hall, where she filled audiences with emotion – and with good reason! Americans adored Piaf, as they were already familiar with her voice. In 1945, while Americans were fighting in Europe to liberate France, Piaf’s voice could be heard all over Paris. The liberation of 1945 was a glorious time for The United States of America. And for the American people, Piaf’s voice and lyrics remind them of the good old times. Piaf’s songs are comforting and relive intense moments. That was the case in 1952 and still is today.

Since Piaf’s memorable performance on The Ed Sullivan Show, other artists from successive generations have interpreted her songs – and some have even recorded them on their own albums – including Louis Armstrong, Dean Martin, Bing Crosby, Tony Bennett, Connie Francis, Michael Bublé, Donna Summer and Grace Jones. And in this generation, Lady Gaga, a die-hard Piaf fan, fought tooth and nail with EMI to get the rights to re-use her songs for her up-and-coming album. In short, Édith Piaf is one of those immortal artists known to every generation and nationality, on every continent.

Show reviews:

There are only a handful of singers on the planet who could do Edith Piaf justice. Pascale Guertin is not only one of them, but she performs with such passion and reverence for the music that she may well be THE best of all! -

- Dan RileyHeadliner cruiseline industry

 A few years ago I saw Pascale Guertin and Juanjo Hermida presenting their Edith Piaf tribute on a Princess cruise ship in South America. Featuring the song syles of Pascale Guertin. It was an amazing show. As a professional entertainer and show producer for 30 years I look for the audience reaction to the show.They absolutely killed every show week after week with full standing ovations.They are an entertainment buyers Christmas gift.

- Ed Fernandez ‪Comedy Hypnotist ~Entertainment producer~Cruise ship industry, fairs and Exhibitions.‬

 This show is a truly beautiful hommage to the French icon. Through modern musical arrangements and short stories, Pascale Guertin pays a respectful tribute to Edith Piaf and offers a generous and touching performance. It is a very well written show in the good tradition of cabarets and I had a wonderful time seeing it!

- Claude Eric Brunelle -Cruise ship industry

 My having just performed with The Legend of Swing' British Rat Pack for the presidents family in Nairobi I went home to the U.K. 3 days later I boarded Princess cruise for staging demographics in St Martin.The entertainment was if critical ok! However Pascale Guertin and her band were absolutely Exceptional. I loved every minute of this 1st class show. A brilliant band. Great Pianist Mr. Juanjo Hermida, with a breath taking vocal. What more can I say. Awesome. Then I saw the amazing Tribute to Edith Piaf. This show was pretty amazing! Again, the vocals and piano performnace are absolutely first class and very entertaining. These guys are professional both on and off stage and come with my highest recommendation. -

- Paul Hayden, Solo Entertainer and Proprietor of British Rat Pack corporate and Legend of Swing Stage Productions.


This lady deserves every accolade! She is a great singer and a wonderful entertainer an I am very happy to call her my friend.

 - Ray Coussins CHAIRMAN at WRN INC.‬