Born and raised in Montréal, Canada, Marie-Annie Pascale Guertin is a French voice artist with an atypical career path that has been rewarded many times along the way. From a young age, she showed promise with her innate talent. In short, she was BORN TO SING! Devoted heart and soul to her audiences, she sings with that raw soulfulness characteristic of the great female jazz artists of the golden age. 

Pascale truly gives it her all onstage. For her, the stage is where she finds her breath of life. Her sincerity is heart-grabbing, as is the passion she exudes while singing, which is totally overflowing! All this to say, she’s a rare bird. Another beautiful contribution from the Montreal entertainment scene!

As a classically trained pianist, Pascale pursued an independent career path where she learned along the way, helped by her natural affinity for music. Her artistic journey is marked by decisive experiences and encounters, and her curiosity about sounds and emotions led her to dabble in different artistic spheres from a young age. Dancing and teaching dance, the creation/conception of shows, artistic direction. Then, interpretation, writing and composing her own songs. To say the least, she’s a well-seasoned and well-rounded artist!

Some of her most memorable appearances include her performances at the prestigious Montreal International Jazz Festival in 2001, then in Europe–notably at the Festival Pûlly à l'heure du Québec in Pully, SWITZERLAND, in 2006.

In 2009, Pascale met Juanjo Hermida, the Argentinian piano great whose name needs no introduction. These two virtuosos quickly formed a strong artistic partnership and have since pursued their musical journey together.

And since that fateful meeting, she says, “La vida esta bella!”